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Triple Bypass

Inspiring Triple Bypass Riders

Above, Douglas Attwood Rode the 2013 Triple Bypass this year. He is pictured here with his grandson Max.

By Monica Kurtz, Bike Beat Editor

We met two very inspiring individuals who rode the Triple Bypass this year. We are encouraged and amazed every year to hear the stories that emerge about unique riders, and we wanted to share these two with you in the hope that they would inspire other potential riders to join us for the Triple Bypass or Double Triple next year. The 2014 Triple Bypass weekend is July 12-13. Please share this story any way that you can, through Facebook, Twitter or Email to share the news of these extraordinary cyclists.

Douglas Attwood, Age 81

At age 81, Englishman Douglas Attwood trained for six months in Southampton, looking for as many hills as he could find.

“I found as many hills as I could in Hampshire and climbed them as often as I could, but we have no mountains in the south of England but they can be short and steep. The best was Dean Hill at 10%.  Once in Denver I made Lookout Mountain a close friend.”

A cyclist since he was a young boy, Douglas rode the Triple alongside his son Gavin who lives in the Denver area. Douglas arrived three weeks before the event and trained on many segments of the ride — Squaw Pass, Juniper Pass, and Loveland Pass to build his stamina and acclimate to the altitude.

“The event was wonderful, well organised with just the food one needs for a long day in the saddle.  A highlight was meeting so many riders who as they passed, as most of them did, would stop and chat for a mile or so.  The day became a social  as well as cycling event.   A highlight was the lunch stop and the medical tent.  We were all pretty cold as it had rained as I went up Loveland Pass and we were all wet and very cold. However, time in front of the electric heaters dried and warmed us.  I was impressed by the mutual encouragement amongst the riders. Overall it was a great day that I shall always remember.”

Michael Dudzik, Age 10

Michael Dudzik Triple BypassMichael , age 10 was lucky enough to be offered the chance to ride the Triple Bypass four days before the ride. His father Paul had already planned to ride, and another rider who couldn’t make it asked if Paul knew anyone who might be able to use his entry. One thing led to another and with special permission from the Triple Bypass committee (riders must officially be 14 to participate), Michael rode alongside his father on his first Triple Bypass.

With no time to officially train, or to even be nervous, Michael’s ride time was 8:28. A fifth grader at St Thomas More School in Centennial, and a member of the Front Rangers cycling team (a TEC nonprofit recipient) Michael is hardly an ordinary 10-year-old. His training as a triathlete means that he is ready for nearly any physical challenge year-round. When asked what the hardest part was, Michael responded, “The section between Georgetown and Loveland rest stop. But the food was good and I ate a lot and that helped.”

His father Paul added, “Even though Michael has podium placed in many triathlon, track and cycling races in Colorado and around the country, this was the proudest moment of his life. He still wears his bike-chain finisher medal around the house in his “too-big-to-wear” triple bypass jersey. Many thanks to Jennifer as well for her help in letting us transfer registrations last minute for Michael. We love Team Evergreen!”


Michael Dudzik Triple Bypass

Michael (left), Paul Dudzik (center) and friend Tim Burney (right) at the Finish in Avon.


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